CVM Custom Homes owner, Chris Van Metre, grew up in the Northern Virginia area. Chris is a thirdgeneration home builder. His grandfather, Albert G. Van Metre, started a production home building company, Van Metre Homes, in 1955. Chris’s passion for home building started from a very young age. He grew up on job sites with his dad, Beau Van Metre, and grandfather teaching him every aspect of constructing a home. He has truly lived and breathed the homebuilding industry his entire life.

After 15years in the industry; building production/custom homes, apartments, and commercial properties; Chris pursued his passion for Custom Homes and started CVM Custom Homes. CVM Custom Homes is a boutique home builder in the Northern Virginia area. They focus on extensive renovations & custom homes. CVM Custom Homes number one priority is to create a stunning home that will stand the test of time. Chris Van Metre prides himself on his unparalleled attention to detail on every project CVM Custom Hometakes on.